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    Counsellor and Interventionist, David Brown, explores the area of gender responsive treatment and the specifics of working with male clients. Over the past twenty years, the mental health and addictions fields have begun to recognise the tremendous importance of trauma on human behaviour. Our increased understanding has developed, in part, as a result of sophisticated ...
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    Beating cannabis addiction – finding help and treatment for cannabis dependency Do you need help giving up cannabis? This article will help explain the treatment options available for cannabis addiction. Is there help available for treating cannabis addiction? The simple answer is yes! There are a number of accessible, proven programmes available which are aimed ...
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    Reconnection – Connect not Integrate I was reading a media piece recently about a new, innovative service for drug users with injecting wounds when I read a phrase that made me shudder. The very well-meaning journalist felt that one of the biggest plus points of the service was that it would help clients “integrate back ...

    Diagnosing Sex Addiction The first challenge for any addiction professional is how to know when sexual behaviours and pornography use is an addition; when it’s a high sex drive and when it’s simply a ‘habit’ that challenges the client’s personal value system. Traditional questions around quantity of usage and harmful life consequences are often not ...
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    Since the dawn of time love addiction and love avoidance have been written about. In the biblical story, Adam is master of all and wants for nothing, yet his existential loneliness prompts God to create a helper and companion, Eve. His love for Eve is his weakness; Adam is seduced by her and eats the ...

    Combat Trauma, Traumatic Brain Injury, & Addictive Disorders Larry L. Ashley, Ed.S., LCADC, CPGC & Karmen K. Boehlke, M.S. provide an fascinating insight into the experiences of American veterans returning from recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Whether anticipating, engaging in, or experiencing the aftermath of battle, historical accounts indicate that war has always had ...
  • Denial Addiction

    Denial And How it Relates to Addiction By Erika Cormer “Cognitive Dissonance” is defined as a great feeling of psychological discomfort produced by the presence of thoughts & behaviors that are conflicting in nature. The theory suggests that if individuals act in ways that contradict their beliefs, then they typically will change their beliefs & ...
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    Recovery Coaching From conference to Companies House, join Stephen King as he takes us on his coach trip… I first came across recovery coaching when I attended the inaugural conference of the Foundation of Recovery Coaching (FRC), held in London in October 2012. There, people from all over the world gathered, and the presented evidence ...
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    Can you get someone to stop their addiction by the way you relate to them? No (perhaps). Can you improve your life by the way you relate to the addict? Yes. Nick Barton explains.
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    John Taylor, cofounder of Duran Duran, has accepted the role of Patron of Mount Carmel, the south London alcohol treatment centre.  John’s years in the music business and his 19 years in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction are graphically described in his autobiography: In The Pleasure Groove: Love, Death, and Duran Duran.  On taking ...