• addiction recovery

    How To Help Someone Going Through Addiction Recovery Helping someone through addiction recovery is a great way to help people through this rough period in their lives. There are many types of people who make a career out of this endeavor for a variety of different reasons. However, when helping a loved one through these ...
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    ‘O brave new world, that has such creatures in it!’ Nick Mercer on the crucial importance of the first encounter in a treatment setting In the light of June’s EU referendum my thoughts turned to the importance of cooperation, connection and engagement, especially in that crucial first encounter with a prospective client. How do we ...

    Improve Your Recovery – Recovery Strategies The US substance abuse department (SAMHSA) defines addiction recovery as ‘a process of change through which an individual achieves abstinence and improved health, wellness and quality of life’ They go on to provide 12 guiding principles of recovery There are many pathways to recovery. Recovery is self-directed and empowering. ...
  • Alcohol-Related Brain Damage

    Recovery Practitioner Dan Mushens speak to Jim Duffy about the day he lost his job, living with alcohol-related brain damage and how it needn’t be a life sentence.     “Although I’ve got memory deficits, I remember that day as clear as if it were just yesterday. It was my day off work and I’d ...
  • music recovery

    Jim Smith looks at the impact music has had on him and his recovery and how it has become central to a life dedicated helping those suffering from addiction Music has played an important part in my life since I was a boy. I remember the first music I heard on the radio (‘Children’s Favourites’) ...

    Re-framing the Phrase ‘I am an Addict’ – Strength and Hope in Recovery via Identity and Identification By Chula Goonewardene ‘My name is Chula, and I am an addict’…my experience has taught me, can be quite a controversial statement to make, outside of a 12-Step fellowship environment. In both personal and professional settings I have come ...
  • Working With Narrative in Recovery

    Virginia Graham outlines how the narratives of Holocaust Literature offer Spiritual and Therapeutic Perspectives within the context of her Counselling Practice. My work as a counsellor involves listening to many stories. Clients narrate their circumstances, and through counselling come to a better understanding of their inner world in relation to those stories. Listening to the ...
  • Assessing Teens

    Elizabeth Escobar Highlights Key Treatment Considerations for Those Working with Adolescent Clients Assessing teens for an appropriate level of care, as well as addressing treatment issues once admitted, is both a science and an art.  In this article we will look at the science behind diagnosis and level of care assessment as well as interaction ...
  • Setting up Treatment in Thailand

    From Granite Buildings to Tropical Climes – Martin Peters reflects on the challenges for the sector and the very real benefits of working in Thailand in a treatment environment unfettered by ‘tradition’. I am often asked how I ended up working in Thailand… My journey has been somewhat different from many clinicians in the field ...
  • Treatment in Singapore

    Muni Winslow Charts the Growth and Challenges of Developing Addiction Treatment in Culturally Diverse Singapore I’m an addiction psychiatrist working in the multi-racial and cosmopolitan city-state of Singapore. Born at about the time we gained independence from the British, I belong to a generation that is incredibly proud of our achievements in growing an independent ...