• Dealing with Schizophrenia

    Dealing With Schizophrenia When people go through a psychotic disorder for the first time, their negative symptoms as a result of the schizophrenia disorder causes them a fixation in which they are thinking that they would not succeed to beat the disease, and therefore they remain in the same situation most of their lives. Unless ...
  • Families living with Schizophrenia

    Families living with Schizophrenia It seems that the most affected of schizophrenia is the family and not the ill person. Families are seeking answers why their child has got ill, what might he have done to deserve the affection. Family members will try to stick together but eventually, they will be torn apart by any ...
  • Living With Schizophrenia

    Living With Schizophrenia Acceptance The patient must admit the fact that he is suffering from Schizophrenia. Usually, a Schizophrenic patient denies his suffering. He thinks that people are lying to him; this is because of the basic human tendency of refusal to things which prove one wrong. As the same time, Schizophrenia patients suffer from ...