• True cost of Taking Drugs

    Marked increase in young people who have developed depressive and anxiety disorders as a result of drug use 25% of chronic paranoid psychoses is marijuana-induced Young people focus on the short-term physical effects of drugs This is at the expense of understanding the long-term effects of drug use on mental health With the recent spike ...
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    With the Coalition’s first Drug Strategy – Reducing demand, restricting supply, building recovery: supporting people to live a drug-free life – not even a month old, the Department of Health/National Treatment Agency for Substance Misuse rushed to incapacitate prime minister David Cameron’s vision of “Supporting people to live a drug-free life”, indicated in the strategy’s ...

    Royal College of Psychiatrists’ Addictions faculty welcomes increase in alcohol tax Dr Michael Farrell, chair of the Addictions faculty of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, which is also one of the key partners of the Alcohol Health Alliance, welcomed the “long overdue and modest increase in taxation” announced by the Chancellor of the Exchequer [13 ...