• Anxiety and Addiction post cover image

    Kathryn Starron and Elisabeth Escobar consider the connection between Anxiety & Addiction: A complex yet common problem It is difficult enough to cope with a mental health disorder but when dealing simultaneously with addiction – known as dual diagnosis – it can be even more challenging. In such cases, the clinician must ascertain if the ...
  • Cannabis Addiction Cover Image

    Beating cannabis addiction – finding help and treatment for cannabis dependency Do you need help giving up cannabis? This article will help explain the treatment options available for cannabis addiction. Is there help available for treating cannabis addiction? The simple answer is yes! There are a number of accessible, proven programmes available which are aimed ...
  • Can You Pass The Ketamine

    Can You Pass The Ketamine? Michael Hebb charts the development of his ‘dinner’ initiative and outlines the thinking behind the idea and the simplicity of its goals…. On August 24th, 2013 a little project called Let’s Have Dinner and Talk About Death launched a website: www.deathoverdinner.org. There were no press releases, no staff, and a ...
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    Times change. People change. Habits change. Policy, products and services change. Research and evidence progress, and ways of working change again. And people forget: we educate one generation and think that information has been relayed indefinitely only to realise that a new generation cannot know the facts until we give them again… writes Deirdre Boyd, ...