• Cocaine Addiction post image Powder Cocaine, Syringe

    Cocaine Addiction | Causes | Effects | Treatment What is cocaine? Cocaine is a stimulant that is manufactured from the leaves of coca plants. It is usually found in powder or crystal form which can be snorted, smoked or injected intravenously into the system. By the time cocaine reaches the end user, the powder is ...
  • different type of drugs

    Different Types of Drugs Introduction A drug can be described as any substance that is capable of altering the body’s functions either psychologically or physically when taken into the body. Drugs can sometimes be categorized as soft, hard, legal, illegal, and psychoactive. For example, psychoactive drugs are those drugs that alter your behaviors, feelings, and ...
  • Simon Mason

    Rock Bottom: WHO: SIMON MASON WHAT: CRACK & HERION WHEN: 2ND JUNE 2006 WHERE: A MOTOHOME IN SPAIN HOW: 12-STEP FELLOWSHIP “The culmination of a descent to a place where a person has nothing left to lose in terms of possessions, status, wealth and perhaps even shelter, food and warmth as a result of self-destructive ...