• Conscientious Recovery

    Addiction science has advanced significantly but the challenges related to understanding addiction, and dealing with its treatment, are grounds for the continuing search for an effective holistic therapy – Yordan K. Zhekov explains Complexities in Defining Addiction Addiction is a multi-dimensional concept which requires a comprehensive analysis, an accurate understanding and effective treatment applications. The ...
  • Addiction is a Disease

    Alastair Mordey explains how successful recovery from addiction engages self-directed neuro-plasticity through psycho-social treatments such as CBT, 12 Steps & Mindfulness, and that these approaches are particularly effective when combined into an integrative model. As practitioners we often seem to debate two issues over and over again. Firstly whether addiction is a disease or not, ...
  • Denial Addiction

    Denial And How it Relates to Addiction By Erika Cormer “Cognitive Dissonance” is defined as a great feeling of psychological discomfort produced by the presence of thoughts & behaviors that are conflicting in nature. The theory suggests that if individuals act in ways that contradict their beliefs, then they typically will change their beliefs & ...
  • 93

    Therapeutic Counsellor, John Graham, looks at the origins of meditation describing its techniques and its relevance to the Twelve Steps The classical tradition of meditation has its source reference framework in the pre-Buddhist, Vedic Upanishads – the ‘Breath of God’ – the essence of which is collectively summarised in the Bhagavad Gita – ‘The Song ...