Intervene was launched in 1998 as Addiction Today, the first bi-monthly journal specialising in the growing problem of addiction. Addiction Today grew to become the most widely read and respected publication in the field of substance misuse and mental health disorders and to this day it is regarded as the forerunner in cutting edge reporting and is proud of its contributors that range from people in early recovery to renowned psychiatrists, doctors therapists, business people and celebrities. As knowledge grew and barriers to recovery weakened, extensive clinical evidence linked the problems of addiction and general mental health and today, it is rare that any sufferer of either addiction or any of the recognised mental health issues has a pure pedigree; Mental Health is mental health and addiction is acknowledged as one of many symptoms connected to psychological well-being. 


In order to recognise the overriding condition, in 2013, Addiction Today rebranded, Intervene and following the departure of its disgraced Editor and Chief Executive, Deirdre Boyd, a restructuring of its Executive Committee unanimously decided to broaden horizons and relaunch as a multi lingual and multi-platform resource for anyone suffering from or simply interested in, the field of Mental Health and General Wellbeing.


September 2017 marks the launch of, the English platform and development are underway in 4 further languages.  


With historic daily visitors of over 50,000, and a loyal social media follower base approaching 100,000, has already reached and helped countless individuals and their families and is unique in its “free to access” user policy.


Headed by Addiiee, the team now extends to almost 50 people and spreads over all 7 continents making it the “go to” resource for professionals to share clinical expertise and all to share their experiences, solutions and remedies.